A4-4 Memorial Track Clearing Mt Torbreck 7th June 2019

Another working bee done and dusted at the A4-4 Memorial up on Mt Torbreck. This was not a planned trip as we got word there were many large trees down and one that had come very close to the memorial and the mounted radial engine. The crew that maintains the site were busy with varying commitments so 79SKOOBY and OFFROAD TOURING LIFE filled their shoes and did a bang up job 👊

Now you guys might know him as Insta Famous 79SKOOBY with the super cool portal 79, but for years we have always known him as farmer Steve from Anvil Angus who has generously lent us varying machinery to carry out our work at the memorial site. Big Red is seriously dwarfed parked next to that beast of a rig 💪

Richard from OFFROAD TOURING LIFE was a great help today with his vast knowledge of the bush. Thanks again for your help guys 🙏#

Check out OFFROAD TOURING LIFE’s video of the trip below

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