Craigs Hut Photography Tour – Mt Stirling – Lake Cobbler – Dandongadale Falls 25-26 March 2017

On the 25-26 March, High Country Adventure Tours (HCAT) held its very popular Craigs Hut Photography Adventure Tour. This tour comprised of 7 vehicles in total – 3 Toyota Landcruiser’s, Nissan’s Navara & Patrol, Mitsubishi Pajero and a Landrover Discovery which was a great mix of makes and models.

After our meet and greet at BP Mansfield it was onto the Mansfield- Mt Buller Rd via Merrijig and Sawmill Settlement for two magnificent days in the mighty Victorian High Country! Our first stop for the weekend was Tomahawk Hut which is a great little log hut with a sloping corrugated roof – this hut is the scene of a high profile disappearance in 2011 that is till yet to be solved!

From there it was onto No 3 Track to traverse the rocky escarpment of Mt No 3. This is a very scenic drive that offers countless amounts of sensational views of the High Country – a great teaser of what was yet to come for the weekend!

Lunch stop was at No 3 Refuge Hut which is a rebuilt version of the original that was destroyed by the Great Divide Wildfire in 2006.

Continuing on we reach the bottom of No 3 Track and it was a quick stop at Razorback Hut and then onto the Circuit Rd to Howqua Gap for our climb up to the summit of Mt Stirling.
Howqua Gap Tk is a great low range 4wd track! It offers bit of everything in ruts, rocks, washouts and the occasional steep pinch – this is a good track for anyone taking the next step from a beginner to an intermediate four wheel driver.

Once at the Mt Stirling summit the 360 degree views were nothing short of breathtaking! From there it was onto Clear Hills Tk and our campsite for the main event of witnessing Craig’s Hut at both sunset and sunrise. Once at camp the tour group was greeted by a warming campfire and a cheese and biscuit platter prepared by the HCAT team.

The early evening was spent photographing the sensational sunset drenched Craigs Hut that has to be seen to be believed! Back at camp the HCAT team had the campfire roast cooked and ready to be served. The night was spent around the fire surrounded by a trillion star covered sky whilst enjoying a drink with some great stories and many laughs.

Next morning we were all up whilst it was still dark so we could again be at the hut only this time it was for sunrise. We were to experience a sensational sight with the sun slowly coming up over the ranges to soak the eastern side of the hut in sunlight – it truly was a special experience!

Once camp was packed up we set off for Lake Cobbler via King Hut. The track from King Hut up Speculation Rd to Lake Cobbler is quite rocky and requires some careful wheel placement which is why this trip is marked as intermediate with low range, high clearance 4wd vehicles. Upon reaching Lake Cobbler we were fortunate enough to have it all to ourselves with the lake looking like glass!

After lunch it was off to our final destination of the tour, Dandongadale Falls – a 255m free fall (Victoria’s longest) from the Cobbler Plateau. This trip however we weren’t to witness the falls due to nearly a month of no rain – that being said the cliff face with no water flowing is still a very impressive sight! Upon arriving in Cheshunt we aired our vehicles and said our good byes.

A big thank you to the 12 people that came on this tour – you were a fantastic bunch of people that embraced every aspect of the trip and it was an absolute pleasure to experience the magic and beauty of the Victorian High Country with you!

Anthony & the HCAT Team
High Country Adventure Tours

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