High Country Camper Trailer Tour 25-27 May 2018

Over the course of the season, we’ve had a number of enquiries about camper trailer suitability for our tours and unfortunately at the time they were not. Due to this, we put together a dedicated Camper Trailer Tour that would see us 4wd with camper trailers to a base camp in the Victorian High Country and conduct day trips from camp.
For this tour we had 12 vehicles, 8 of them with camper trailers on and a total of 22 people which included 7 kids under 10 which created a fantastic family atmosphere!

After our meet and greet in Mansfield, we made our way in convoy up to the Mt Stirling Circuit Rd and meandered our way down the King Basin Rd to Pineapple Flat in the Alpine National Park. We had a well grassed site right beside the King River that comfortably fitted all our vehicles and campers – it was just perfect!
Everyone set up their camper trailers which comprised of – Mars Camper (hard floor), Johnno’s Camper (soft floor), Cub Camper (hard floor), Outback Camper (soft floor) Kimberly Kamper (king of the road!) and 3 custom built (soft floor) camper trailers. We also had a few people camped in swags under vehicle awnings which gave us plenty of variety in camp set ups which was awesome to see!

We took the group on a short drive to test out their 4wd skills prior to the big drive the following day. We made our way up to King Hut which saw us cross the King River 5 times, much to everyone’s excitement! We then went on the hunt for some fire wood and found some recently downed trees up on the Circuit Rd. With a roof rack and a ute tub loaded up we headed back to camp to get the fire going. Once we had a good base of coals in the fire, camp ovens were brought out and everyone got to roast their cut of choice. Some had never roasted on a fire before, so we passed on some of our skills that we’ve picked up over the years and after a couple of hours everyone was tucking into their perfectly cooked camp fire roast. A few night caps were had around the fire under the cover of a crystal clear starlit sky to round out a fantastic day in the Vic High Country!

After sub zero temps during the night, the HCAT team were up at the crack of dawn to get the fire going for everyone’s comfort and to prepare for the cooked breakfast we supply on tour. The overnight temps had frozen water lines in people’s campers – it was seriously cold! We’re not sure if the Kimberley Kamper felt the cold as much as we did though with the diesel heater bubbling away all night and enough 12V power to supply a small country town! The breakfast menu comprised of eggs and bacon on toast, sautéed mushrooms, baked beans, juice, tea and coffee – a good hearty breakfast to kick start our day of 4wding and site seeing!

We left the campers on site and headed up to Craig’s Hut. Most of our tours include Craig’s Hut on the itinerary and it’s just as special each and every time we visit. On this occasion, there was not a cloud in the sky with the surrounding views of Mount No3, Mt Cobbler, Mt Speculation and The Bluff looking absolutely spectacular! We just love taking people up there and sharing their first experience of this iconic location – it’s just awesome! From there we headed to our lunch stop at Bindaree Hut, which is a beaut little log hut that’s recently had some resto works on it and it’s looking fantastic! After lunch in the brilliant sunshine, it was straight into low range up 16 Mile Jeep Track to get up to The Bluff. With a solid track base, everyone negotiated the particularly steep climb with no problem at all. After a walk around Bluff Hut, we took the group out to one of our favourite viewpoints in the High Country only a short walk away. With time getting away from us, it was time to head back to camp which we once again at a great night around the fire.

We woke up to another sensational, albeit fresh morning. We broke camp and hooked the trailers up and departed Pineapple Flat around mid-morning. As we were all towing off road campers, we took the group on some low range tracks that got the campers flexing over ruts and rocks and splashing through the occasional muddy patch. We had lunch up at Mt No3 Refuge Hut and took the rocky descent down No3 Rd where the tour concluded.

We’d like to thank EVERYONE that was on tour with us! We had such a fantastic group of people and we thoroughly enjoyed each and everyone’s company. It was fantastic seeing the diversity in everyone’s camp set ups. We thoroughly enjoyed passing on a few of our 4wding and camping tricks we’ve learnt over the years as well as our knowledge of the Vic High Country.

If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read and are disappointed you couldn’t make it – rest assured that we will be running camper tours next season. To keep up to date, you can sign up to our newsletter on the form at the top right of this page or follow us on social media.

Anthony, Andy, Paul & Shane
High Country Adventure Tours

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