MT Terrible & Surrounds 4wd Snow Tour 7-8 July 2018

On the 7-8 July we held our very popular Mt Terrible & Surrounds 4WD Snow Adventure Tour and what an absolute cracker it was!
We began with a meet and greet in the beaut riverside town of Jamieson where we met our 30 strong tour group with 18 vehicles in our convoy! It was a cold, wet morning and the stage was set for the predicted forecast of big snow falls above 900m.

Departing Jamieson we meandered up Eildon-Jamieson Rd until we reached Bald Hill Gap to begin our ascent up Mt Terrible Track. It didn’t take long until the snowflakes began to fall transforming the landscape into a winter wonderland!

Upon reaching the 1325m Mt Terrible Summit & Hut, the area was a complete white out! With a solid 20cm cover and snow coming down in bucket loads, everyone had come to see snow and they were absolutely spoilt with the show Mother Nature was putting on! The kids were building snowmen and the bigger kids were engaging in a good old fashioned snow ball fight! The inside of the hut was a welcome sight and even more so with the well stoked potbelly fireplace fired up earlier by some of the HCAT crew prior to our arrival.

As with all our tours, we have a number of support vehicles in our crew. In the conditions we were experiencing, these extra vehicles were crucial to the safety of our group. We sent two vehicles off ahead of the group to assess the track conditions that was in front of us and it wasn’t long until the call over the UHF came back to say that is was quite hazardous. These two vehicles are extensively accessorised and very experienced drivers in all types of High Country Touring and they were finding it difficult to make forward progress. Based on that it was an easy decision to make to not risk the safety of the group and re-route the tour back down the mountain to the Woods Point Rd.

After our lunch stop at Skipworth Reserve, we headed off in convoy along the Woods Point Rd passing through the historic towns of Knockwood, A1 Mine Settlement and Gaffney’s Creek. Arriving at Woods Point, we were treated to the very rare sight of snow in the Main St of town! Further up the road we encountered a concerning site where a vehicle had come off the road and was down an embankment. We inspected the site to ensure no one was hurt and to our shock further down the embankment there was a vehicle on its roof after what looked like quite a nasty rollover. Fortunately no one was around which was a good sign that everyone had walked away unharmed but to be sure we checked in with the Woods Point Police to ensure it had been reported. It really highlighted how hazardous it can be if you don’t adjust your driving style to the conditions.

Upon our arrival at ‘The Gap’, everyone made a beeline for the enormous heater in the centre of the bar which used to be a boiler at the old A1 mine site and it provided us with much needed warmth from the Blizzard of Oz outside. Owners Brian & Heather Prothero were our hosts for the evening and provided us with good old fashioned country hospitality for our stay. Brian has been a local of Woods Point for over half a century and he has some fascinating stories about the history of the area which he is more than happy to share! We had a fantastic night at The Gap with great food, a few drinks and plenty of laughs! We raffled off some quality 4×4 gear supplied by our partners ProWire Auto Electrics and OCAM 4×4 Accessories. For this raffle we raised $290 which is being donated to the A4-4 Memorial Team for the up keep of the A4-4 Memorial at Mt Torbreck and the Mt Terrible Hut which was a fantastic show of support for these worthy High Country projects.

This tour gets bigger every year and 30 people on this one is a record for us. Thank you to EVERYONE that came along! We had such a fantastic group of people and we thoroughly enjoyed each and everyone’s company. We can’t wait to do it all again next year!

Anthony, Andy & Shane
High Country Adventure Tours

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