Trial Bike Adventure – Wesburn To Reefton Pub Loop Trip 4 March 2017

On Saturday 4th March, High Country Adventure Tours held a tag along Trail Bike Adventure in the Yarra Ranges State Park which was a loop ride from Wesburn to the Reefton Pub for lunch and back to Wesburn. This adventure was led by our very experienced riders Andrew Mason and Mark Pesavento.

Full account of the day is below written by tour leader Andrew Mason.


Where – Yarra State Forest

When– Saturday 4 March 2017

Conditions – Seriously Dry

Distance – 120kms Return

Extra Fuel Required – Yes


Tour Leader 

Andrew Mason (Mace)  – KTM 450 6 Days

Sweep Rider

Mark Pesavento (Pez) – Husqvarna 300


HCAT Trial Bike Adventurer’s

Colin – KTM 250 EXE

Kappo – KTM 500 EXE

Trent – Huski 300


Trip Report

We met at the Wesburn Quarry and geared up as the sun beamed through the trees around 0830 hours. We are on our way to the Reefton Pub for lunch as we wind around wide tracks and a few singles, there’s an expectation that this ride will be fast

One early single track was abandoned due to the steep hill we attempted to climb, as the mountain became sandy and the back wheel dug deeper and deeper. Can feel the lungs expanding sucking in air as I pick up and place the back wheel back on solid ground.

The beautiful Mountain Ash and Grey Gums stand tall on the verge of tracks as we hurtle by in single file, waiting on turns with our ‘Corner Man’ System – so riders don’t get lost and we stay together. Single Tracks along the way have awesome 10m high ferns that fight with others to reach the sky for sunlight in order to photo synthesise. Austral Bracken on the ground creates a delineated pathway on the single tracks as we bump over logs and get high over erosion mounds with the front wheel skyward.

It was a dry and dusty day today on the tracks – still had fun even though it was 29 degrees in the shade of the tallest hardwood in the world: the mighty Mountain Ash.

Made it to the pub and we had the kids parma – the small one is sufficient as the adults version is the size of two dinner plates – not ideal when you have to jump back on the bike again.

The return journey has a massive hill climb that can be fun with a worn tyre in winter – stay on the gas and keep moving is the advice for this hill – stay on it and go like the clappers

Only two minor dramas – Kappo forgot to fill his bike so had petrol issues about 1 hour before the pub – so we siphoned fuel from a few bikes and shared it around.

Pez had a flat front tyre which required changing at the bottom of the aforementioned hill climb – Kappo and I waited in the shade of a Mountain Ash. Great ride even though it was dusty


High Country Adventure Tours



Wesburn – Reefton Pub Images






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